September 15, 2017
XpressGas will ensure that the LPG tank is located in a safe location and that the necessary devices are in place to protect the tank, pipelines and appliances. Take care of your installation.  In  particular you should: Keep any security fences provided for the tank in good condition. Keep the gate(s) locked shut. If there...
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gas cooker
Gas is a fast and efficient way to cook.  Gas cookers and clearances It is important your kitchen complies with certain safety standards. Gas cookers and hotplates must have adequate clearance from combustible surfaces, for example: Range-hoods must be at least 600mm above the cooking appliance Exhaust fans must be 750mm above the appliance Burners...
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gas safety
Store cylinders in a well ventilated place, away from open flames, electrical appliances and power points. Do not store in a cellar or in a closed area. The gas is heavier than air and will “flow” into low points and collect, causing a flammable mixture. Never store the cylinders near to a heat source or...
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