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About XpressGas

XpressGas is the fastest growing and a leading supplier, distributor & marketer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) to the Ghanaian market for the past 5 years. Since its inception in 2010, XpressGas has distributed over 97000MT of LPG to Ghanaian households, institutions and the commercial sector. XpressGas has created over 60 new and permanent jobs, has a staff contingent of 272 people and has refilling stations and agents in all 10 regions of Ghana. XpressGas serves over 52583 Households and 87 vendors. XpressGas aims to make LPG available, accessible and affordable to all Ghanaians wherever they are (urban, peri-urban and remote locations and markets) reaching 1 million households by the year 2020.

We Keep Growing Everyday

Metric Tonnes Distributed
Jobs Created
Households Served
Food Vendors

Join us and further your career! Our business is set for exciting times ahead.