Our Services

“Swap N Go” is a last mile distribution and asset financing service business unit of XpressGas. This business unit aims to make LPG available, affordable and accessible to all households and commercial kitchens throughout Ghana.  Swap N Go offers consumers a range of LPG appliance ranging from 3kg to 52kg cylinders. It also provides stove solutions on a 6-12 month “Pay and Own” basis for users of traditional fuel, there by promoting a more cleaner environment. We deliver at your door step, Swap and Go!

XpressGas also offers Auto Gas services at all our refilling plants across the country. We check the gas cylinders to make sure they are in good shape, offer maintenance advice to vehicle owners and educating clients on the benefits of using LPG to fuel vehicles and its effects on the environment.

XpressGas provides bulk haulage and transportation services for Oil Marketing Companies (OMC), LPG marketing companies, Allied Mini Stations, Institutions and Commercial consumers. We also make available our gas tankers for rent. XpressGas trucks are GPS enabled hence, allows the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to monitor product delivery and ensure product reaches destination.

XpressGas markets and distributes bulk LPG to Mini-Refilling plants & Bulk Consumers such as Industries, Public Institutions and Commercial consumers from 5 metric tons and above.

We also offer a management contract agreement, a service which allows us to acquire new businesses, such as Gas Service Station and grow them on your behalf.

XpressGas regularly undertakes maintenance and safety drills at all our sponsored refilling points. Our emergency number is reliable any time of the day; 24/7. For us, safety of our customers and staff is not an option, it’s a necessity!