The Citi Business Olympics is probably the biggest corporate sports event in Ghana. It brings corporate organizations from various fields together and promotes healthy competition and interaction.

The sporting disciplines included basketball, football, swimming, tug of war, lime and spoon and sac race amongst others. Team Xpress Gas signed up and competed for most of the activities and sport disciplines. About forty (40) companies signed up for this years’ Olympics which was held at the El Wak sports stadium Burma Camp Accra on Saturday September 22nd 2018.

Xpress gas is an indigenous Ghanaian indigenous LPGas distribution and marketing company. It is licensed by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to deliver LPGas to bulk customers and the general public through refilling stations, customer service stations and cylinder depots across the whole Ghana.

Team XpressGas did not win any medals nor trophies this year however they offered great competition and sportsmanship. In the spirit of the Olympic creed, Team XpressGas soured Swifter, Higher and Stronger (Citius, Altius, and Fortius), built team spirit and developed new business relationships. Kudos to the organizers for another successful event and congratulations to all the deserving winners.

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