XpressGas participates in New Horizon Special School Fun Day Games

Mrs. Maureen Darko presenting a trophy to a student after the games


XpressGas Limited over the weekend joined staff and students of the New Horizon Special School to celebrate its 2018 Fun Day Games as the major sponsor of the event.

The Fun Day Games, organized under the theme, “Let me Win, But If I cannot Win, Let Me Be Brave in the Attempt,” was in commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day.  The games saw students showcase their skills in various activities such as three legged race, wheel-chair race, 50 and 80-metre races, sack race, filling of bottles, and football, among others, which elicited applause and cheers from parents and the public gathered.

Chairing the games, the General Manager of XpressGas Limited, Mrs. Maureen Darko, said the Fun Day Games was very critical because it helps the students to socialize better and to have fun. According to her, XpressGas believes all children have the fundamental human rights to live and be happy irrespective of any disability, hence the need to focus on children with special needs.

“XpressGas cannot over-emphasize how content we are to be spending time with these precious students and also to see them show us that children with special needs have special capabilities which we all are witnessing today,” she said.

Mrs. Maureen Darko praised the founder of New Horizon Special School, Madam Salome Francois, now 88 years old, for her sacrifice, hard work, passion and dedication towards helping the students find a purpose in life for the over 4 decades of its existence. She also congratulated the staff as well as parents gathered for their love and support to the students.


Mrs. Darko appealed to parents, care-givers and the general public to accept, and relate well with children with special needs rather than discriminate against them as this negatively affects their self-worth and human dignity.

New Horizon Special School

In her welcome remarks, the Executive Director of New Horizon Special School, Madam Salome Francois, said the Fun Day Games provides the students with the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities like their counterparts in regular schools.

She stated that by participating in the games, the students are able to learn character building skills such as self-control, discipline, and to also grow their self-esteem.

“The New Horizon Special School was established to develop the potential of each child to the full, and to enable them live a satisfying life in society. The Fun Day Games is not just to entertain students, their families and friends, but also to show the public the abilities of our children with special needs in our society,” she said.

Madam Salome Francois expressed her heartfelt gratitude to XpressGas for sponsoring the Fun Day Games and also spending time with the students.

Some pictures from the Fun Day Games

Staff and students of NHSS performing the Tsatsa Dance


XpressGas staff doing the Three-legged race



Parents vs. Staff in a Tug of Peace



Students of NHSS enjoying the Musical chairs session

About XpressGas Limited

XpressGas Limited is a fully owned Ghanaian company established in 2010 with a commitment to making LP Gas readily available, accessible and affordable to all Ghanaians living in urban and rural communities, hence the company’s tagline “Gas for all, wherever you are.”

With the aim of making gas accessible to the masses, XpressGas has rolled out an initiative Swap’N’Go. With this initiative, clients/customers just have to call the XpressGas Swap’N’Go Team and they will provide gas to clients on a door-to-door delivery basis.

The team also provides maintenance check-up on client’s cylinders for leakages and faulty valves.

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