About XpressGas

XpressGas Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian-owned Gas Company which began operations in 2010 to provide cleaner and environmentally friendly Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to households and commercial entities across Ghana. XpressGas is the largest distributor of LPG in Ghana and has over the past seven years, distributed over 97000MT of LPG to Ghanaian households, institutions and commercial sectors. XpressGas is licensed by the National Petroleum Authority and currently serves over 52583 households and 87 vendors in Ghana. XpressGas aims to make LPG available, accessible and affordable to all Ghanaians wherever they are (urban, peri-urban and remote locations and markets) reaching one million households by the year 2020.

Our tagline ‘Gas For All, Wherever You Are’ epitomizes XpressGas’ vision of bridging the gap between homes/businesses and ready access to clean gas. We demonstrate this with our presence in all the ten regions of Ghana to deliver to both urban and underserved (rural) communities, gas – a better alternative to the wood fuel they use.


Our Difference

At XpressGas, we are driven by passion and the commitment to provide our customers with the best of service. The entire value chain of our service offerings has not only created jobs, ensured economic empowerment but is also contributing to a cleaner environment and climate.
We organise staff development programs to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. All customers have a dedicated Relationship officer to enhance communication and provide timely services to customer’s request.

A Reliable and Committed Business Partner

We pride ourselves in our dedicated work force – to ensure your convenient access to our products and services. XpressGas goes the extra mile to deploy marketing strategies that enhance the business outlook of all our stations and the other XpressGas managed (sponsored) stations. We as well undertake full audit of their transactions to generate insights into their business performance (profit and loss). You hardly get this anywhere

Our Successes

XpressGas Ghana Limited is a proud recipient of the 2016 Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) Gold Partnership Award. The Award was in recognition of our loyalty and value offering to customers.
We are currently the 3rd leading Oil Marketing Company in Ghana.

Our Team

The company currently has staff strength of 272 with agents in all the 10 regions of Ghana. XpressGas continues to grow stronger and with a firm commitment to provide gas to meet the growing demand of Ghanaians wherever they are in Ghana.

We Keep Growing Everyday

Metric Tonnes Distributed
Jobs Created
Households Served
Food Vendors


XpressGas Ghana Limited is affiliated to the following associations:

  • Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)
  • Ghana National Chamber of Commerce (GNCC)
  • LPG Marketing Companies Association of Ghana ( LPGMCAG)
  • Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketing Companies (ALPGMC)
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cooking
  • World LPGas Association